DeVos Story​

Carlos Nicasio (2008 Alumni) is the co-founder of Concrete and Canvas, a non-profit startup in San Diego California. He and his team have lead a one-week summer leadership intensive for middle school and high school students who currently lead a motivational Bible club on campus or who are interested in starting a club or joining a club. They have trained hundreds over the last eight years and this summer they trained 125 students who participated in 3D INTERNS program have been equipped this summer alone.


Carlos designed this program in 2009 after completing his DeVos experience. The formation and launching of 3D INTERNS eight years ago was highly influenced by Carlos’ experience at DeVos and Fuller Youth Institute. These combined experiences helped him become innovative in his thinking and entrepreneurial approach to ministry.


The '3D' stands for the program's main goals: discover, develop, and deploy. The leadership process helps students identify who they are and how God has created them to lead (DISCOVER). It also gives them a solid approach to maturing and developing their newly discovered talents, abilities, or gifts (DEVELOP). Finally the students become ready to impact their schools, neighborhood or a global community (DEPLOY). 


3D Interns is developing tracks for social entrepreneur minded students. We are working hard to develop a program that takes students through the idea of social entrepreneurship and helps empower their causes forward. The programs work to intentionally bring a return on their investments.


The process of these leadership programs help them identify personal strengths and allows them to relate strengths with career paths by applying those strengths in practical ways. The idea of discovery exposes them to their identity, and the reality of how they are created to be contributors to society and the church.


The program provides many platforms for continual development through a vast network of both business and ministry opportunities. Students have full access to coaches and mentors along with resources, support, and continued development through other programs at Concrete and Canvas which is the parent entity of 3D INTERNS.


The completion of the program is then celebrated through a mural project that helps students contribute to the transformation that has happened in their lives. The art is a way to leave a footprint on campus or in the community. The murals speak of things that have been redeemed, reconciled, or restored within the context of what injustice might be addressed. Recently, the children painted an image of iconic buildings that reflected the history and culture of their community and they embedded a rainbow that included the core values of the school.


This past summer, Concrete and Canvas partnered with Little Lambs pre-school and tech giant Apple to paint a mural drawn by the kids to celebrate the core values of the school and the students leadership experience. These programs have trained and equipped over students since its inception eight years ago from San Diego, Los Angeles, Tijuana Mexico, and Dalton Georgia. For more on 3D INTERNS and Concrete and Canvas visit their websites at and