Project Love Co-Founder Isabel Molina looks to impact neighborhoods with acts of love in San Diego and around the world.​

Over the years I’ve met a lot of young people passionate about Jesus and serving others. I’ve had the privilege of having Isabel Molina on our team this summer in Costa Rica. “Izzy” as everyone calls her, whom is only eighteen years old and has many dreams. Among those dreams is to be used by God to touch countless lives through her collaborative project, “Project Love.”


Project Love is an outreach movement based out of San Diego, California. Their mission is to give love, spread love, and be love to the community. Project Love exist to bring hope where there is no hope. They want to reach a society that is lacking hope and bring hope through love.


Isabel says, “We believe that project love will not only be a San Diego based movement, but will spread to the surrounding nations therefore we are expectant and hopeful that this will go as far as God wants to take it.”Isabel also said, “This trip has definitely allowed God to reveal to us more vision and dreams, and we are excited to bring our willing hearts to God to see what He’s going to do with them.


I had an opportunity to sit down with Izzy and talk about what God is doing in her life. Check out the interview….