Young Global Leader Nancy Alvarez “Kuna” leading her team in Cot, Cartago Costa Rica.







In 2014, I met Nancy Alvarez as she walked into our Sunday morning service. I remember seeing Nancy this young skinny, quiet, fragile young lady who seemed very shy. I was overwhelmed immediately by her smile and quiet personality. After meeting her and seeing her on Sundays, I would encourage her to get plugged in to the church’s youth activities. Nancy was shy at first and wasn’t very responsive to my suggestions to get involved.


Eventually she took my advise and started to fellowship and connect with her peers. She grew not only in her faith but in relationships with her peers. Nancy began to serve in the church and was eventually on her first mission trip to Panama. Since her early beginnings she traveled to Mexico, Cuba, and La Sierra Tarahumara.


We are launching Young Global Leader Project with a desire to see young people like Nancy develop a global perspective as they learn to lead. Nancy is leading youth to Jesus everyday whether on a public school or in some Latin American country. I sat down with Nancy in Costa Rica to talk about her role leading her first international trip. Check out the interview ……