The devil can’t hold me back.​

Meet Tanya Morales a fourth-year college student at San Diego State University and a leader at The Few Youth, her youth group at Family Revival Church. I had an opportunity to peak into her life and ask her a few questions about her trip experience in Costa Rica.


Carlos: What are some of the challenges you faced in preparing for Costa Rica and how did you overcome those challenges?


Tanya: Finances. It feels like such a faithless thing to say, right? But to be honest, that was my first challenge, almost like this lack of faith. From the moment I stepped foot out of Costa Rica last year, I knew I wouldn’t be able to come back because of lack of finances. But GOD. I don’t think I’ve ever seen God’s hand over my life so evidently as in these past months prior to this trip Costa Rica. I didn’t pay one cent. God literally provided everything. And now I’m here.


Carlos: Tell us how your experience has been so far in Costa Rica this week?


Tanya: I have seen love. I can say I have seen love firsthand. Prior to coming, I knew I wanted to give it all, not some, but all of my love to Costa Rica. All of who I am. All of who God has sculpted me into. Last year I had made the mistake of holding back from some of myself, something as simple as not being as energetic with the kids or doubting what Holy Spirit was speaking to me at youth nights. But this year, man, the devil can’t hold me back now. And I know that I speak for every single person on the team. They have given it their all! It’s amazing to see how God has been using every single person on the team to minister to these kids and to the moms! It’s just been overwhelming. But in a good way. I have seen favor.


We have 16 missionaries on the team this year. That in and of itself is a miracle and a blessing. Not only that, but this year we were able to be housed by people in the community. Some are believers. Some aren’t. But yet, they were willing to give us a place to rest. Some might say things got stressful at times because we lost our VBS luggage, but all I saw was God’s hands propelling us to move forward with what we had, which was not much. And yet, these kids still came back, because they also saw love! Not the lost materials. I really am so proud of this team.


Carlos: What’s next? Talk about your future.


Tanya: I don’t know. I try not to plan much anymore because God has continuously changed my plans since I met Him. Right now, I’m just a college student, studying Foods & Nutrition at SDSU. But I’m also a youth leader for my church along with being a part of a Big Sister/Little Sister program and the secretary for Borderless Love. However, God has given me a love for missions. This year at 3Di, God totally wrecked my idea of what my “calling” was, I never thought I’d be a missionary, but he’s called me and I’m just responding at this point. Like I said, I don’t make plans. I just respond to what He’s calling me to at the moment. Who knows, I may be traveling a lot in the future. Or I may just be called to my own nation. We’ll see.