Investing in LEADERSHIP development of youth in

middle school,

high school, and college​

In 1985, I was a teenager in the midst of an emerging hip-hop generation. The era’s culture, music, art, fashion, and design was ingrained in me and fueled who I was becoming as a young, entrepreneurially minded man.


Quickly, I slipped into a lifestyle of illegal graffiti art, drugs, violence, and crime. My influences were west coast gangster rappers whose lyrics terrorized youth culture and threatened political movements. This threatened my future. For the next 10 years, I lived with no sense of purpose or direction, no desire to become anything, no understanding about life and consequences.

Investing in LEADERSHIP development of youth in

middle school,

high school, and college​


“It’s a collaboration of artist & mentors creating hope and opportunity for youth and kids in the neighborhood"



Concrete and Canvas mobilizes students, parents, artists, and community stakeholders to partner with local communities and public schools

for a transformational change.


“Everyone has the capacity to create”

For Concrete and Canvas, art education really isn’t about murals. It’s about a creative process for students to find their voice, cultivate a shared vision, and develop the art and life skills to bring that vision to

life in collaboration with others.

Your Time is Valuable. You volunteer because you have something beautiful to offer the world around you. You want to make a difference.​

That Matters​


The Internship: Our student internship provides aspiring artists the opportunities to serve communities and empower change through art. Students receive mentorship and leadership skills thorough project-based learning experiences. These experiences form essential life skills that create transformation.


We teach that art is a medium that showcases their capacity to create and their ability to be difference makers.

You are creating hope and opportunities for youth and kids through your generosity

Arts Skills:


but not required